Pets are the guardians of players, they follow players around within the world, protect them, and fight for them. The pet function is unlocked at Player Level 25. Pets are available in Blue, Purple, Orange, and Red qualities, with Red being the best.

Obtain Pets (Events) Edit

Pets are collected and obtained through the use of Pet Fragments, these Fragments are rewarded to players in various ways such as the guild pet function, participating in Icefire Field, and purchasing them with Wildsouls and Diamonds, some events may also provide Fragments.

Some Pet Fragments are currently only obtainable through events using Diamonds. Some Recharge bonus also offers Red Quality Pet Fragments.

Upgrade Pets Edit

Pets may be leveled with Pet stones, Pet stones come in Blue, Purple, and Orange quality with Orange being of the greatest benefit. Stones are acquired through purchase with Wildsouls, participating in Resource Dungeon, and some events.

Pets may also be boosted with Boost Stones which are available for purchase with Wildsouls, free with participation in Resource Dungeon, and may also be purchased using Diamonds during some events.

Pets are capable of Evolving, Evolution grants pets a huge boost in Battle Rating and Attributes. To evolve a pet, Pet Fragments must be gathered in the quantity required in the pet menu.

Currently gathering new pets, that share bonus's with a player's current pets offer huge increases in Battle Rating.

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